June 17, 2009

The Pond

Hasn't held much water since we moved to the farm.
Normally looks like this...
It really looks like a big crater.
In the beginning it had a dock (someone had high hopes).
We cut the dock down after a baby goat fell from it.

Today after the many days of storms, torrential rainfall and flash flooding...it's holding water.


Jennifer said...

Our ponds are full too. The rain wouldn't be so bad if it didn't come with all of this lightening and wind. The last storm bent all the corn in the garden over! Sorry to hear about your rugs, hard telling where they ended up with winds like that.

~Tonia said...

If it drains out you can put pigs in there to wallow it out and seal it up. Then when they have done their job send them to the freezer. When they wallow they pack the dirt and mud then it will hold water.

JK said...

Sorry to hear about the corn Jen. Glad you and Jamie are OK. Yeah, figured the rugs took off like flying saucers ending up who knows where :-(

Thanks Tonia, we did the pig pond thing for a couple of years. Even their rooting and wallowing around hasn't sealed it. We hope to line it within a year so so. Jim wants a fishing hole. :-)

DayPhoto said...

Good for the water. But sun is nice also!