September 15, 2008

Kirby, Kelly & Peahens

I couldn't wait to share the news,
I borrowed the photos...

Look at this precious face!

Baa Baa Beautiful Black Sheep!

These are the Shetland boys, Kirby and Kelly, the sheep I mentioned we were wanting to add to the farm. Doing the happy dance! Woo Hoo! Do believe we might be seeing them sooner than I had imagined. If all goes well, we may be picking them up this coming weekend.

To my surprise, this morning I found 3 new additions to the farm. We have 2 new peachicks and a new chick. While feeding the Angoras I noticed 2 peahen walking around the pond bank. Nothing new there, though the movement under the girls caught my eye. Each hen had a chick close at her side. This baffles me really, the peafowl breeding season I assumed was over. The peacocks shed their feathers quite awhile ago. Olive our eldest peahen hatched her chicks back early in the summer, I am wondering why the younger peahens are so late. The chick I was not so surprised in seeing. Have had a couple of broody hens that will set on a fake egg if you let them. These little ones will have to grow quickly, the weather will begin to turn cool soon.


Jennifer said...

Oh My Gosh! How cute are they! Congrats on the new sheep! How big does this breed get?

JK said...

Thanks Jennifer,
The Shetland breed is a small breed from my understanding. I believe our Boers could be twice the size of the sheep.

Anonymous said...

We used to raise Shetland sheep and hated it though and our neighbor's that used to live a mile down the road from us sold them at the same time as us.