September 16, 2008


I am such a ditz with a capital D! Now I am all flustered.

A friend of mine (real life plus reads the blog) brought it to my attention, well, ask why I had not responded to comments on the blog. She knows it is so unlike me not to seize the opportunity to visit with someone (run my mouth as she puts it).

So it seems I am the world’s worst at replying to comments on my blog. I forget the comment section actually is there, down there… at the end of the blog in such teeny tiny letters (hummm…wonder if I can change the size of the font)… I rarely see it, I don’t scroll down to the bottom of the blog much, I guess I really should. Dah me!

She mentioned from the look on my face, plus my stuttering and stammering I seemed surprised anyone would comment. Heck yeah I am! I didn’t figure anyone really would read the blog. Well other than family, a few friends and the occasional key word Google search person.

Something I find really unusual the most read item on my blog is my Goat Cheese Stuffed Banana Pepper recipe and is from the Google search for Banana Peppers. Go figure.

Amy, Jennifer, Goody, Cathy, HBMama, Peggy I am sorry for not responding to your comments. I went back through the archives to see what I had missed. What a Ditz I am! Thank you, each of you, for your kind comments, taking the time to comment!

Oh, Goody... I made my second batch of tamales over the weekend. Spread it out over the two days. Was much easier. Do believe they were actually better due to not rushing through the process. I made this batch with venison tenderloin. Not my favorite but the better half loves venison. Next batch will be with the traditional pork and chicken. Thanks so much for posting the recipe on your blog!


Anonymous said...

Your apology is accepted and no problem about the comments! The reason I know I have comments to my blogs is because they come to me via e-mail first and I can see the comments first hand.


barefootchef said...

Hey Jama...I wasn't looking for an answer or a response.

I didn't think about responding to the comments either. Shame on me! Maybe I'd better do better too!

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

We're supposed to respond to the comments left on our blog? Crap. I've only been leaving comments on other people's blogs.

Goody said...

Sometimes I just don't know how to respond to comments ;)

Glad the tamale recipe is working well for you. It is quite the chore, but they also freeze well if wrapped tightly in parchment. Sometimes I split them up over a couple days too (in hot weather anyway).