September 15, 2008

Fall Baby Walks Have Began

It has been raining quite frequently. We are a bit wet. The remains of Ike dumped about 6 more inches on our already saturated ground. It's all good really, good for the ground, plants, cleans the air, etc.
Even good for the wanna-be pond (the hole that does not ever wanna hold water). It was almost dry then Ike came thru...
I'd say it is a good 3 foot deep. It's not just the rainfall, it's water that collects in the pond, alot of run off from the hills. Those wooden things sticking up are the remains of a dock. Dry rotted legs of a wooden dock built years ago, cut down in fear of the goats falling and killing themselves (yes had one do it a couple years back). I made the better half go out and cut it down with a chain saw after the accident. Someday this will be cleaned up so I don't have to look at it. It's on his to do list.
I have felt sorry for the goats and began putting hay in their feeder so they don't have to venture far to eat. Wouldn't want them to muddy their itty bitty hooves. The temps have dropped also, cooler weather means they eat more hay to keep their body temp up. I had put out a bale yesterday, which they quickly made into cud.

What better way to use the hay feeder when it is empty... a napping spot.
So today I decided to begin our "fall baby walks". This is when mom(me) takes her babies (goats) out for the afternoon to browse. No, they won't go on their own. You see they are spoiled and somewhat lazy. Why go do what goats naturally are to do when Mom will cater to their every need.
I grab a book, a lawn chair, a cool refreshing beverage and set off in search of a shady spot to relax while they browse.
I can see it in their eyes...if they could talk I am sure they would be saying...what is she doing now? Why didn't she fill the hay feeder. Geez she is going to make us walk.

Wondering what I am doing and where I am going.

Deciding that I was not coming they come running.

They decide it is not too bad of an idea and decide to play.
This is what they have to browse and play in.

To the left of us.

To the right of us.

The woods...I don't know if you can see it...there is a spiderweb shining in the sun. It might look like a smudge on the lens, but it is a big web...right above the stump.
Light weight goats. They have had enough and decide to return to house without me.

I have missed spending time with the goats. Other things have kept me busy and I feel like I am neglecting them. Last night I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt, some what of worry that they are doing well. It also may be my empty nest syndrome taking over. Adam called last night, I miss him immensely. He has always said the goats took up where he left off. Not so, but they do fill an emptiness. They are my 4 legged babies.

Decided they need a little face time...

This is Aurora. She has collected cuckaburrs around her face. We will be shearing in the next two weeks. They really need it.
This is mom Bella Mia with Aurora. Jim thinks Bella is pregnant, I am not so sure, but I am watching for tell tale signs.
Bonnie Lass and Fairchild. Mom and daughter.
The boys, The Sundance Kid(black) and Jacob's Chance (white) fighting over a leaf.

This is Maggie, she is Axle's breeding from 2007
This is Tinkerbelle, Maggie's twin sister.
The twins are La Mancha Boer cross. Maggie took the Boer characteristics, Tinker took the La Mancha with Boer colors.

This is Manolito Montoya aka Monty. My 4 yr. old large for his breed Pygmy wether. Last for today, Camel.

She is an accident. Her mother Annie had never been bred in the 4 yrs. we have had her as a pet. I thought she was sterile. Not so and Camel came into the world on the wings of a prayer. Annie couldn't deliver Camel. I had to call our goat midwife to pull Camel. A difficult birth to say the least. At 10 months old Camel is a good foot taller than her mother. I am considering Camel for a future milker. Her father was the purebred Alpine we had for a couple years.


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Very sweet! I really enjoy your blog. My hubby and I hope to be able to get goats (sheeps, geese, chickens and pigs) very soon.

Peggy said...

Thought I was the only one that took their goats on a afternoon walk. LOL love your blog (and goats)

JK said...

HBMama, Thank you. Hope you enjoy your new animals as much as we do.

Peggy, Thank you. Aren't the goats a hoot! Ours have to almost bribed to leave the feeders.