September 16, 2008

Celtic Festival Part 2

I knew if I gave them a chance a few photos would filter in ...
This is the Calling of the Clans, opening ceremony Friday evening.
A better view of the wedding
The Tullintrain Pipe Band The Carriage Rides
These group of girls have performed each year at the festival. See info below photo.
The Central High School Kilties Drum & Bugle Corps
info is from their "my space page"
recognized as the oldest uniformed girls drum corps in the United States, starting in 1926. First established in 1926 by Robert Ritchie Robertson in Springfield, Missouri. Originally known as Ritchie's Scotch Lassies, they became the Kilties after Robertson died and his son James took over. Since then, the Kilties have performed all over the USA and even in London. They have marched before Presidents and Royalty. Over eighty years later, they remain a tradition that will continue on. The purpose of the Kiltie Drum Corps is to stimulate school spirit and to promote a closer relationship with the public though service and performance, and to display high standards. Being a Kiltie is a year round job for which we practice throughout the summer months. Since 1926, the Kilties have incorporated traditional Scottish dance and songs into their uniforms, instruments, parade march, and dance routines. The Kilties perform "The Highland Fling" at Homecoming assemblies. It is said to have been danced frequently upon battlefields in celebration of victory after a successful encounter. The "Sword Dance" also performed at Homecoming, was performed on the eve of battles as a means of exhibiting self control and relieving tension. The Kiltie's Majorette performs the Sword Dance. Legend has is, that if she does not step on the swords, Central will be victorius in their battle! The Scottish bagbipes also date back to the Highland wars of Scotland. Although they originated in Southwestern Asia hundreds of years ago, the bagpipe found its true glory in Scotland where it became the instrument of a nation. Played during battle to distract and scare the enemy, the practice was so successful, that for a time the bagpipe was taken away from Scots by a very angry English King! The most recognizable song the Kilties perform is "Scotland the Brave." The Shileighleigh is a mock battle, symbolic of the clan wars. The dancers advance and retreat, the same as if in battle. The sticks the girls carry, represent weapons, and the color of the sticks represents two opposing clans. The Kilties perform this dance every year at Loyalty. The Kiltie uniform is a replica of the old Scottish dress. The kilt, and tartan are purchased from mills in Scotland. The Kilties wear the Royal Stewart Plaid. The sporran, which is made of horsehair, is used by the Scotsman as a pouch for money and valuables. Each girls wears a Scottish hat called a Glengarry. White spats are accented by the clan hose tops. The are hand knitted socks. Garters are worn to designate the rank of a Kiltie. The color of the garter represents the rank: Drummers are red, bagpipers are blue, trumpets are yellow, axuilary is green and the Majorette is white. The Balmorals are worn by sectional captains and have feathers the same color as their garters.

Nephew Thomas(little one) during sword play

A bit soggy though stayed busy the entire time. Our vending tent. We offer our handcrafted products and crafts. I provide our goat milk soap, raw fiber, peacock feathers, and a few odds and ends knitted fiber items. Sister creates and offers peasant shirts & skirts, do rags, purses, diaper bags, pillows, quilts, lotions, body mists, healing and lip balm. Brother designs Celtic T-shirts with various emblems and sayings. Peacock feathers generated the most interest with the kids. Sisters body sprays seemed to be the ladies favorite.

The neighboring vending tents.

Last but not least the games.

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