June 6, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Here are the newborns. Look at those little faces.

Rain Rain Go Away

OK, here’s my little rant for the day…heavy rains, flooding, storm warnings, mud, muck, YUCK!

On the brighter side, it’s Friday. Going to be a well deserved pizza and a movie night.

Poor Isabella
I went to milk yesterday morning and Isabella’s teat started leaking like a sieve. I looked down and the poor girl had ripped it almost in half. I about threw up and passed out right there on the milk stanchion. Made a flying trip to town to get super glue, antibiotic ointment, butterfly bandages and an antiseptic spray.
A few years back one of the other dairy girls had poked a hole in a teat, so through that ordeal I knew of the super glue trick. I feared Isabella had cut it too deep and using the glue would completely glue the milking orifice shut. I picked up what is called New Skin, hoping that would help also.
I tried my darnest to get out there and fix her up. Just couldn’t stomach it, so I called my friend who doesn’t mind it. She came over and we did the best we could to repair the damage. So far so good, I am hoping that she heals quickly.

If the forecast of no rain holds out to be true for tomorrow I need to get to work in the garden, clean out the milk room and give the goats their de-worming meds.

Just listened to the news, holy cow on the news of the increase in price of oil. Glad I am a true homebody.

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