June 4, 2008

Don’t Make Me Break Out My Flying Monkeys

Been one of those days I tell you. I have been battling a migraine all day, so I have the disposition of the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s this crazy weather; the barometric pressure is messing with my head.
That's the same color I felt today

One of the ugliest dogs in the world had puppies today. 5 pups, one didn’t make it, so there are 4. Two look like their pops from next door a solid white Great Pyrenees. The other two take after Sadie their mom a ½ GP ½ Anatolian Shepherd.

Backing the boat up here to explain the Ugliest Dogs In the World. We adopted 2 pups, sisters, ½ GP ½ Anatolian Shepherd. After their arrival to the farm they came down with an inherited disease of the immune system. Fast-forward over 2 yrs. the girls after many and various treatments lost all hair and became very ugly and pathetic looking dogs. The worst part was they could not be spade due to the severity of their disorder when they were younger. Too sick, we were instructed to wait. We obviously waited too long and unfortunately did not catch their first heat due to both girls now being bred and having pups. Hannah fell in love with the beagle from over the hill (that was an odd mix, though were 3 cute pups). Sadie fell in love with the next door neighbors G P.

Sometimes taking a nap will help ease the pain of my migraine. So after the morning routine was complete I decided to lie down. I don’t know why it is, BUT any time I decide to attempt to take a nap the phone begins to ring off the wall. I should have known better, well guess I should have thought to turn the ringer off.

When All Else Fails…

Seemed a nap was to be out of the question, so I stretched out on the sofa thinking I could get away with closing my eyes for just a few minutes. An unexpected movement outside of the living room window caught my attention before I even leaned back... a goat, not just any goat, but Axle. 250 lb. South African Boer.

How did he get out of the bottom pasture and up to the front of the house?

Better yet... there was the rest of his little herd following behind him. OK, bribe time. On with my rubber boots, out to the feed room, get a bucket of feed and start calling the goats. They must have sensed I was not in the mood to be bothered. They followed promptly and single file back down to the bottom pasture. Good goats.
How they got out is a story for another day.

With all of the rain we have had, plus the warm temps (in the 90’s today) the grass has now practically become waist high (I exaggerate...it is only knee high). I despise walking through it. Ticks are heavy this year. Plus I have a great fear of snakes laying in wait. It is that time of year they are slithering around. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Really needed to mow, headache or not.

The riding lawn mower went down at the end of last summer. It went down hard. Jim hadn’t made an attempt to get it back up and running, so I assumed it would be a drawn out process or an expensive part to fix it. Guess not, he sold it last weekend. Now all we have is my push mower. Decided to pull it out, start it up to mow a path from the house to the bottom pasture. Yeah right, it wouldn’t even burp for me. I being so not the mechanic know it was pointless to even waste my time trying to start it.

So what is a person do?

Open the gate to the bottom pasture and let the goats out to do what they do best…4 legged weed eaters.

Today was to be the day we were going to band the boys and give their CDT shots. It takes two people, it is rather difficult to band and hold the goat at the same time. Plus to top it off you guys know I can’t give shots.
Matt (better half's brother) volunteered to come over to help. I absolutely love to have his help for CDT’s. He is a Para Medic and can breeze through injections like nobodies business. He doesn’t hurt them, doesn’t leave a lump or mark. They don’t even know they have been stuck most of the time. I also find comfort in the fact he would know how to handle shock in case one of the kids had a reaction.
Adding insult to injury... he had to work an extra shift and couldn’t make it.

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