June 4, 2008

Feet Hit the Floor Running

These storms we have had of late are totally wearing me down slick. Not sure if it is stress, the interrupted or lack of sleep. And I really don’t know why I have such an aversion and fear of storms (one day would like to find out). I do wish I could just relax while Mother Nature does her work. But nooooooo, have to be the worrywart, pace the floor, jump out of my skin at every lightning strike, scaredy-cat. Being a light sleeper doesn’t help either. I hear others say they slept right through it. Wouldn’t that be so nice.
It wasn’t until we moved out here to the boonies, did thunderstorms bring on a new meaning to us. Anymore if thunderstorms are in the forecast during the late night hours, we unplug every electrical device we have before retiring for the evening. The lightning travels through our phone lines and has fried 3 telephones, 2 motherboards, 1 modem and 2 TV’s with 2 satellite receivers. Expensive, yes.
I try to make a point of watching the local evening weather to prepare and unplug. Generally they do a decent job on the forecasts. Last night, not so well. Supposedly the storms were moving out of our area and we were in the clear. Relief from the rain and storms. Yee Haw!!! No need to unplug.
About 1:00 a.m. the rumbling and thunder boomers began. Baby, one of the outside dogs who shares in my fear of storms started her door clawing to be let in to safety. I jumped out of bed, scrambled to the front door, then started my unplugging marathon. About 4:00 a.m. the all clear was given, storms had passed.
One of my aggravations during the storms is the fact we have no television reception. Having to unplug the phones, computer, satellite receivers and TVs leaves no communication with the outside world. (Even if storms are not that severe and we don’t have to unplug, we lose the satellite during heavy cloud or overcast conditions.) We have a small TV in the guestroom that has a set of rabbit ears I try to tune in any off air local station I can. Usually no such luck. Occasionally can pick up audio but definitely no video reception. Being down in a valley leaves a lot to be desired on reception. Plus now with the new changes in Feb. 09, off air channels will no longer broadcast in analog. Grrrrrrr! Radio reception is another lacking or non-existent luxury down here. I do have a small portable AM/FM/weather band radio that if I stand in one particular spot in the house has been my saving grace for keeping informed. I find the spot, turn the volume up and lay the radio on the floor and try to go about my business (usually pacing) while listening for weather updates. If you had not guessed, cell phone reception is null and void here also. To make a call from any cell phone, you have to drive a mile up our access road turn left out onto the country gravel road, drive down 7/10’s of a mile and there is a spot…one spot by a tree you can find a signal, on a good day.
After the all clear, I decide to take 2 Tylenol (the migraine was mostly gone, but I still had a slight nagging dull throb) and go back to bed. Just maybe, be able to relax and sleep quick until the alarm goes off for morning milking. 6:00 a.m. comes rather early doesn’t it?
The ringing of the phone wakes me. I jump up and run to answer it. It was the better half asking if I was awake. He asks this reluctantly knowing I am an early riser, though I am not a sociable morning person. I answer NO. He apologizes for waking me, also in the same breath asks if we were OK after the storms. Yes. After the short but not so sweet conversation my head began to clear. Gathering my wits about me, I heard the dairy girls hollering. I look at the clock it was 7. I had forgotten to plug the alarm back in. I had over slept an hour.

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