October 15, 2010

Change of Plans

Well, it didn't work out as I had planned. Couldn't move the blog over. Actually had fits with the other blog layout and language. Almost deleted the entire website. Thank goodness I knew enough to stop before I really did severe damage. Wish I was not so computer illiterate. Head hurts as if I had been banging it against a brick wall... geez ...trying to figure out all the technical stuff, by no means as easy as they make it seem. No just click here or click there. Imagine if my 13 year old great niece were here she could move it in a heart beat, not struggle in a continuous 2 week effort as I did. Unfortunately she is not. So here we are and here we will stay.

Hey - Happy Fall Y'all!

The weather here has been amazing! Just Beeeeuu Ti ful! Love It!

Mornings are brisk and cool. Even a little frost out on the pumpkins. Afternoons are sunny, bright and warm. Perfect for working out and about the farm. Have accomplished much in the last couple of weeks, a bit of yard work, mowing, raking, re-potting plants to bring in the house for winter and turning garden spots under. Sorted through the remains of a couple old out-buildings. With the help of a neighbor we recycled the scrap metal. I cleaned up downed limbs and branches from previous storms we never had time to totally remove.

Last weekend was spent shearing the Angoras. Hooray they are done! I skirted as we finished each goat, now need to re-skirt and decide which fleeces I want to sell. I will list them on the website as soon as I can.

I have started two new craft projects. A rug from twisted roving and a felted wool blanket. I really should have taken photos from the beginning, didn't, but will as I continue through the processes to post at a later date. Have been washing and drying fleeces while the weather is warm. Hoping to have all nice and clean, ready for working over the winter months.

Now to the happy, happy, joy, joy news...saving the best for last...

Not sure if you remember back when we first decided to add the Shetland sheep to the farm I only intended to have wethers. Was not interested in breeding them. Thought I could have a nice spinners flock with just wethers. We started with the 4 woolly boys, Angus, Aberdeen, Kelly and Kirby. Loved all the little guys so much... we then had the opportunity to add Selena with her beautiful fine crimped fleece and Jackdaw our handsome spotted ram to breed to Pitty Pat and Scarlet. Deciding Jackie boy needed another Shetland ewe in his flock we added Lark and her son Jasper. Jasper was to be wethered but when Jim went to do the deed the little guy at a very young age was too large to band. Jim also loved Jasper's spotted fleece and gentle disposition so we kept him intact. Ok, I know....all this rambling just to say we are hopefully adding 5 more to the Shetland flock in a few days. 2 beautiful ewes and 3 wethers. More info and photos to come...stay tuned :-)


Michelle said...

Wow, you leaped from spinner's flock to breeding operation pretty quickly - congrats!

Tammy said...

Can't wait to see the new sheepies and hopefully come and see the old sheepies too on the 29th! I'm looking forward to it. The weather has been awesome, hasn't it?? (the little guy in the picture looks quite a bit like Ranger!)

JK said...

Thanks Michelle, it sounds quick but actually has been about 2 years in the making.

Tammy, I thought the same about Adrian looking like Ranger. You know I would have loaded up your boys and brought them home at the fest ;-) Weather has been awesome. Hope to see you on the 29th.