April 15, 2010

Photos From The Road

Have you seen the current Sprint wireless commerical that has been airing lately, where the CEO says not many people only use their cell phones for just calls. Well, we are(were) one of the "not many people" who only used their cell phones for just calls. Didn't have a camera, didn't send photos, emails or texts...nope only calls. I highly doubt if we would have had a cell phone if it were not that having a cell was a requirement for employment for the better half. On the other hand also was a plus for being able to stay in contact with those of us at home when he was hundreds of miles away.
Guess we are moving up in the world and no longer one of the "not many people"...the better half now has a handy dandy, new fangled, do it all phone. He now can text, email and send photos. And why yes he does all of the above :-).
Thought I would share with you some of the photos he sends home during his travels out on the road. Most days he emails a photo of where he happens to be delivering or loading. Most of those are relatively boring, trust me, photos of parking lots, warehouse and highways...

Some days he sends photos of much more interesting items...
These were taken at a buffalo ranch in Oklahoma...

I hope to have time to post a weekly "Photos From The Road"


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Can you believe I've never texted or done anything wih a cellphone but calls?

Michelle said...

Same here, Joanna!

Anonymous said...

Not boring at all, Jama.

I have a phone that does it all. I use it gratefully for a lot of my business transactions. That is the extent of my cell phone usage.

Cell phones are a hot topic with me. I no longer have a land line, except for a fax line. And many of my friends are in the same boat. With a cell phone we are expected to answer the phone 24/7. I must disagree.

Remember the days when there was one wall phone in the house that hung on a kitchen wall? It even had a dial on it, no push buttons. No voice mail. No specail gadgets. Nobody worried about missing a call. And nobody got upset when they called the phone and nobody answered.

I like that thought. I truly do.

We need a break, don't you think?

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I don't text and I don't send photos but my brother used to send me photos to my cell phone of my niece and when my nephew was born (my 1st nephew) but will be getting a new phone some day though to get on the internet, etc. though but can't get a signal here where I live unless I go out in the greenhouse but if family or church family, etc. can't get a hold of my parent's they can usually get a hold of me on my cell phone, I use it when out and about and on vacations.


I remember those dial phones since we had one in our kitchen when I was growing up!