April 19, 2010

Farm Photos

Worked a bit on cleaning up the barnyard and the yard this weekend. Managed to remember to take my camera.
We are greening up nicely

Annie one of our pet goats (she was the first baby born to the farm)

These girls were all bottle babies. Here we are years later...they still want that bottle. (I filled it with water after I drank the Dew) But yes they do love a sip of Dew every now and then. Actually Sprite or 7up is the best, no caffeine. The carbonation does not harm them, the amount of sugar is my main concern.
Buffy and Camel couldn't wait for me to fill the hay feeder .

This is Barb, our purebred LaMancha doe. She is definitely annoyed I disturbed her for the photo.

Selena (yep, she is a big puffball, shearing is thankfully coming up in a week)
PittyPat and Scarlet (wishing and hoping for me to open the gate)

The boys are so noisey right now, it's mating season.
Strutting his stuff.
The baby chicks and mom
Til next time, have a good one :-)

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Jennifer said...

Loved the photos! Annie has such a cute face.