August 9, 2009

Pig Mowers, Skirting Table and Donkey Kisses

We have had a few visitors to the farm lately. First Murphy came to know... of Murphy's Law. The tractor decided to choke up and quit, the lawn mower not long after gave it up too. The weed eater decided to not spit out string, then it decided it didn't want to even release the spool head.
My back can't take using pruning shears to cut every blade of grass around here so I decided to let the pigs out. Yep, 4 legged mowers should do the trick. I moved the Angora bucks from their pen, opened a gateway from the pig pen and let them have it.
With the rains we have had, grass and weeds still growing, what I hadn't managed to get mown in the last couple of weeks is now about knee high. I do believe the pigs will do a fine job. Should have all mown in about a week :-)
If you didn't know, pigs love the green stuff. Fresh green is best, but they will also eat hay, grass cuttings, etc. In the olden days some used pigs to till their fields.
We let the pigs run around our gardens in the spring and root it up. Makes tilling easier.

Sister also came to visit for a week. We worked on a few craft projects. Finishing the skirting table was on the top of my to do list. The photos don't really show the details but it is finished.

Sister being the artsy one of us added the finishing touches to the table. Little sheep on the sides with little blades of green grass by their feet.
She brought some photos I thought I would share,
taken during some of her past visits to the farm.

My great niece and Eeyore our donkey, goat guardian

And a not so lovely photo of me, milking. Sister loved this photo due to being able to see the milk flowing from the udder. This photo is actually about a year old. I remember doing this, just not her taking the photo. This was when I was breaking Isabella to the milk stand. See how high my left arm is...I am blocking her back leg from kicking or stepping in the milk bucket with my wrist. Where her leg would go, my arm followed.


Nancy K. said...

What special touches your sister has added to your skirting table!!

Sorry to hear about the equipment malfunctions ~ that is NOT fun.

Great pictures!!

I'll be linking to you on my next blog post ~ I made your "Orange Blueberry Cake" today!

Tammy said...

Sounds like Murphy just made a swing around the neighborhood! First flats on the rider, then the push mower just decided not to start, and the weed eater starter bulb rotted AND a tiny hose from it just disappeared! The dry weather here though has taken care of most of the high stuff, and the sheep have done the rest. I'm surprised how dry it got so quickly. Anyway, love the little sheepies. What a pretty table. Are you going to the Celtic Festival?

Anonymous said...

Seeing you milking the goat, holding her hoof back with your wrist, looks a bit familiar. I purchased several alpines a few years back. One is a beautiful gal, set in her ways, older. She only allows me to touch her udder as I reach under and back. Touch her udder from the back end and the dance begins!

I would love to raise some pigs here as well. As it stands, I have too many animals, but perhaps some day. I never thought of them beging useful with pre-tilling. :)

DayPhoto said...

That is a cool skirting table, I love the art.
And I love the photo of you milking! So many people don't realize what it takes to make life with animals, and farms work. That is great photo.