April 13, 2009

The Peanut Game

To play the Peanut Game you will need -
Our neighbors, their little miniature horse (stud) named Peanut with a big horse attitude, a weak fence, a beautiful quarter horse mare down the road, a halter and a lead.
Little Peanut has become quite the escape artist. Seems on a daily basis for the last week little Peanut has escaped his confinements to trot up our mile long access road, across the country gravel road to visit a big beautiful quarter horse mare. He also chooses to play this game in the wee hours of the morning (when all but us early bird goat milkers are still fast asleep).
One morning I find Peanut standing in our front yard contemplating if he wanted to visit with the goats or run for the hills (he chose the hills when I attempted to catch him). Another morning at the crack of dawn on Jim’s way into town Peanut was standing on the side of the road visiting with the mare. Yesterday afternoon on our way out to our family Easter dinner we found him hoofing it midway up the access road and this morning on his way back out to work Jim found Peanut again standing with the mare.
Like good neighbors we always call to let them know he is out. Most mornings they do not answer the phone. I end up walking to their house, knocking on their door until someone answers. This morning bright and early (a quarter to 7’ish) I let the phone ring and ring and ring. The teenage daughter finally answers the phone, sleep still heavy in her voice. I say sorry to wake you, but Peanut is up at Mr. C’s. Exasperated she says NOT AGAIN.
I do feel sorry for them, know they have to be extremely frustrated. (Well I would be if Jim couldn’t fix a fence or figure out where the horse was escaping from).
Though have to say we find it quite comical. Doesn’t take much to entertain us, ehh? Who will go fetch Peanut home today? How long will it take them to catch him? How long will he stay fenced? Who will win the Peanut game, the horse or the neighbors? Stay tuned.


ChristyACB said...

Awww...Peanut sounds a bit lonely to me. You're an awfully good neighbor to do that so often!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Oh Peanut, that's funny. he likes visiting his girlfriend.

Claire said...

Peanut is cute, but I agree, it sounds like he needs a friend, and that's why he goes visiting. Oh I know, he should have a llama for a friend!

Jennifer said...

How funny, is that an actual picture of Peanut? He looks like a Peanut. I bet he has some other nicknames his owners call him when he gets out. Sounds like he needs a buddy!

DayPhoto said...

Hummm the mare is wanting a boy friend? Peanut is lonely and wants company? The mare is probably loney also.


Anonymous said...

Ruunnnnn Peanut ruuuuuunnnnn LOL