November 4, 2010

Then and Now - Goats & Sheep

Sundance Fiber Farm - The Sundance Kid
This is one of my favorite photos. As a bottle baby Sundance went everywhere I did. I love this little fella...

even now as a full grown blubbering buck. That's him standing on his back legs wanting in with the girls.

Fairlight Jackdaw

When we brought him home.
Still on the up close, touchable and loveable side.

After his first shearing in May.

Now in his full ram mode
Isn't he just beautiful!
Thank you for the photo Tammy

Last week Jackdaw's breeder Tammy came for a farm visit. We have been talking about her coming for a visit ever since we first bought the "Woolly Boys" aka Angus, Aberdeen, Kirby & Kelly.
From left to right - Aberdeen, Kirby, Kelly (black) and Angus
We have had the opportunity to see each other at different fiber events (Marshfield Fiber Fair, Fiber U, Celtic Fest) and when we picked up the different sheep we purchased from Fairlight Farm over the last couple of years. We were finally able to find a day when neither one of us were busy with all others things in life. Was a great afternoon talking all things fiber, sheep and such.

Back in April, on Earth Day to be exact, Scarlet lambed. She had twins, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb. We kept Eartha the ewe lamb. Eco her brother went to live with a wonderful family in Arkansas.
Little Eartha a few hours old.

Now at 7 months old

Last year Isabella kidded twin doelings. We kept Maybelle.

Maybelle a few hours old

Maybelle now
Til next time, have a great rest of the day.

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