February 28, 2009

Spring Has Not Sprung

See ... crazy weather I tell ya, a day ago or so was 70 degrees. This morning we are in the midst of a snow storm with a high in the 20's. Could be up to 5 inches of snow.

The view from the porch this morning, when snow first started.
The big guy heading out to open a path up the access drive so the neighbors can drive in and out. The neighbors don't have 4 wheel drive so they are fearful of being the first to drive in and out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh yuck! I am glad we didn't get too much snow lastnight just some snow flurries.

Goody said...

You guys are nice neighbours.

We have a similar set-up and they've been wonderful about making sure we can get in and out. Good thing too, as I had to make a post-storm emergency run to the vet this morning.


Tammy said...

Crazy is right! And back up in the 70s by next week. I wonder how much we will get? It's snowing again like crazy, when I thought it might be done. Free fertilizer I guess! Good to see you 'back'. Hope your illnesses are behind you. It's been a rough winter for you. I noticed all my sheepies were kinda lazy and unsocialable during that warm spell too. When the weather broke, with that fast moving storm they kept saying there was a tornado going right over us, and I'm outside looking through the lightning, thinking....no....no there isn't! (Thankfully!). Crazy indeed.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh Gosh....I love the picture of the kids in the house. Way too adorable.